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J. Richard Heaton, Mayor
Work:  (502) 348-5947 ext. 2207

The Mayor manages and oversees the daily operation of all City departments. In addition, he sets the City Council's agenda and keeps them up-to-date on City business. He also serves as the Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) Administrator.
Larry Green, Assistant City Administrator, Human Resource Officer

Larry Green
Human Resources Director

Work: (502) 348-5947 Ext. 2208

The Assistant City Administrator/Human Resource Officer gives support, advice and assistance to the Mayor and all City departments on personnel issues, including employment, salary, benefits, employee development and other personnel issues. He is also responsible for the administration of state and federal grants. Larry Green has been with the City of Bardstown since 1981.

Barbie Bryant, Executive Assistant

Beth Donahue
Executive Assistant to the Mayor
(502) 348-5947 Ext. 2239

The Executive Assistant performs secretarial duties for the Mayor's office. She processes all complaints, offers backup administrative support to the Assistant City Administrator, Ordinance Enforcement Officer, and City Clerk/Cemetery Sexton. The Executive Assistant also coordinates the schedule of the Farmer's Market Pavilion, maintains the ongoing project list, and prepares the monthly City Calendar. She keeps track of legislative issues and briefs the administrative team, drafts press releases and represents the Mayor at public events in his absence. Beth has been with the City of Bardstown since 2016.

Bobbe Blincoe, City Clerk, Cemetery Sexton

Barbie Bryant
City Clerk / Cemetery Sexton
(502) 348-5947 Ext. 2206

The City Clerk/Bardstown Cemetery Sexton plans the agenda and takes minutes at City Council meetings. She maintains the City's official records, processes liquor license applications, open records requests, and special permits. As Cemetery Sexton, she is responsible for the overall management of the Bardstown Cemetery. This includes the sale of graves, and managing all budgets and records. Barbie Bryant has been with the City of Bardstown since 2003.

Mike Forsee, Risk Manager, Secretery-Treasurer of the Bardstown-Nelson County Air Board

Greg Ashworth
Risk Manager
(502) 348-5947 Ext. 2223

The Risk Manager / Safety Officer is responsible for the City's safety programs mandated by federal and state occupational Safety and Health Standards (OSHA). He administers the City's insurance policies, property and worker's compensation, and liability claims. Greg Ashworth has been with the City of Bardstown since 2015.

Phillip Grubbs, City Groundskeeper

Phillip Grubbs
City Groundskeeper
(502) 348-5947 Ext. 2249

The City Groundskeeper is responsible for planting and tending to flowers and trees on city property, trash collection in the downtown business district, and maintenance of City cemeteries. The Groundskeeper also helps with the inspection of storm water pollution prevention and run-off plan implementation. Phillip Grubbs has been with the City of Bardstown since 2005.