Abandoned Deeds

Heirs or descendants of the following persons, who purchased grave sites at the Bardstown Cemetery that have been unused since the purchase for a period of at least one hundred (100) years, are requested to assert any claim which they may have to these grave sites or they will be deemed abandoned pursuant to KRS 381.715. For more information or to assert a claim contact:

Gary Little
Bardstown Cemetery Sexton
220 North Fifth Street
Bardstown, KY 40004
(502) 348-5947 or 1-877-348-5947

The names of the owners of the gravesites are:

Zach Taylor                    Rev. A. Mobley                    John Davis
Thomas J. Rizer             R. Wortham                         J. E. Sweets
Rev. Sedgewick             Daniel S. Slaughter             G. W. Hite
C. H. Nicholson             Charles Richardson            T. Gibson
John Unseld                  R. Cox                                   W. Maddox
Randall Bealmere         A. E. Hardin                          J. D. Kingston
Ben McGill                    Tom Clark                             John Hickman
W. Metcalfe                  D. C. Hardin                         J. A. Menor
Henry Diehl                  George Phelps                     A. T. Thompson
J. S. Wilson                   M. Sweets                            S. Gray
R. H. Veneable              Priscilla Howell                   John Graham