Wastewater Department


SSES Program

Since its inception, the City of Bardstown Public Works Department has been involved in a comprehensive maintenance and improvement program.
Bardstown budgets $250,000 each year for this program.  These funds allow the City to investigate, makes repairs where necessary, and replaces infrastructure where the sewer system can no longer meet the needs of area which it serves. 

The city's goal is to be proactive, but the size and age of the system means this can be a challenge. The city now uses sophisticated computer-based mapping to track the location of overflows and other incidents and schedule routine maintenance in known problem areas. Over the last decade, the city has contracted with specialized cleaning and inspection companies to perform Sanitary Sewer Evaluation and Survey (SSES) projects to identify where capital improvements are necessary.

These efforts have been successful in reducing the frequency and number of sanitary overflows from approximately 260 in the year 2009 to just 34 in 2016, despite a similar rainfall total for the year.

Each year, Bardstown reports to the Division of Water a Wet Weather Report.  This report is an in depth year at a glance; reporting on the  number of sanitary sewer overflows (SSO), maintenance activities, capital projects, investigative studies, etc. 

2016 Wet Weather Report