Administration Department



The Mayor's Office
  • General operations of the City
  • Communications between City Hall and the City Council
  • Represents the interests of the citizens of Bardstown during all legislative and administrative decision making

Lisa Burdett (Mayor's Executive Assistant)
(502) 348-5947 ext. 2239

City Clerk / Cemetery sexton
City Clerk Duties
  • Maintains official records of the City
  • Prepares agendas and minutes for City Council meetings
  • Issues information concerning actions taken by the council and the mayor
  • Open records requests
  • Special permits (Mobile food vendor, Outdoor café, Fireworks, Encroachment)
  • Farmer's Market Pavilion rental
Cemetery Sexton Duties
  • Sells graves
  • Manages cemetery records
  • Maintains cemetery grounds for the Bardstown Cemetery and Pioneer Cemetery
  • Aids residents and families in finding ancestors' graves

Gary Little
(502) 348-5947 ext. 2206

Preservation Coordinator
  • Certificate of Appropriateness applications within the Historic District
  • Communicates with the Historic Review Board, City Hall, and the City Council
  • Maintains the City of Bardstown Archives
  • Writes preservation grants
  • Public education and outreach regarding historic preservation in Bardstown

Cam Skinner
(502) 348-5947 ext. 2243

Human resources director / risk manager / Sign administrator
  • Advertises, recruits, and accepts applications for city positions
  • Personnel and safety policies
  • Administers the City's drug and alcohol testing program
  • Processes City Sign Permits

Greg Ashworth
(502) 348-5947 ext. 2223

Groundskeeper / Facilities Manager
  • Planting and tending to flowers and trees on city property
  • Trash collection from street cans in downtown business district
  • Maintenance of City cemeteries
  • Storm water pollution prevention and run-off plan implementation

Phillip Grubbs

Code enforcement
  • Addresses citizen's complaints regarding code violations
  • Helps residents come into compliance with ordinances
  • Issues citations and fines for code violations

Amber Thompson
(502) 348-5947 ext. 2205

Report a Code Violation