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Transfer of Gravesites

No lot owner may sell his/her lot or any portion thereof without the authorization of the Cemetery Sexton. When feasible and formally approved, the City will repurchase any lot or portion thereof at half of the original purchase price.

If you would like to request that the City repurchase your unused lot, please write a letter of request and address it to:

Bardstown Cemetery Committee
C/O Cemetery Sexton
220 N 5th Street
Bardstown KY, 40004

Letters of request will be considered by the Cemetery Committee, which meets quarterly on the second Wednesday of the month, starting in February. The Bardstown Cemetery will not recognize transfer of ownership unless duly notified and approved by the City Council. The Council meets on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month.

Cemetery Committee:
J. Richard Heaton, Mayor
Joe Buckman, Chair / Councilman
Bill Sheckles, Councilman
Philip Grubbs, Groundskeeper
Gary Little, City Clerk
Dylan Durbin, Staff Engineer
Mike Boone, Citizen-member