Engineering Department



The Engineering Department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all city utilities, property, and infrastructure, including the water treatment plant, street lighting, cable TV, and internet. City engineers also provide IT assistance to the city organization.

City engineers review, design, and inspect construction and improvement projects. The Engineering Department is also responsible for the records and maps of water, wastewater, streets, storm drainage, electric and cable systems.

New driveways, sidewalks, drainage and sanitary sewer connections within the city limits must be approved by the engineering department. The department also reviews all subdivision development plans.

Engineering department

Jessica Filiatreau, P.E.
City Civil Engineer
(502) 348-5947, Ext. 2225

Dylan Durbin, E.I.T.
Staff Engineer
(502) 348-5947, Ext. 2232

Eric Richter, E.I.T.
City Electrical Engineer
(502) 348-5947, Ext. 2226

David Evans
GIS Coordinator
(502) 348-5947, Ext. 2288

Stephanie Holbert
Engineering Assistant
(502) 348-5947, ext. 2270