Fire Department



In 1805, a fire consumed a large frame house as well as damaging a neighbor’s house. The next day generous townspeople contributed to a fund for his loss. One month later the Western American printed this statement:

“Citizens of Bardstown, awake from your lethargy! This is not the first time you have seen the property of your neighbor consumed without being able to give the necessary assistance. Not an engine or fire hook belongs to this place. This omission must be attributed solely to negligence. It is sincerely to be hoped that a Fire company will be formed without delay, as the surest means of protecting your property.”

Fire Department LogoThus began over 200 years of fire protection for the community of Bardstown, which is still going strong today. The city limits of Bardstown as well as a 240 square mile district that completely surrounds the city were protected by the City of Bardstown Fire Department and the Bardstown-Nelson County Volunteer Fire Department, Inc. These two departments co-existed since the non-profit corporation formed in 1966 to provide better protection for the citizens living outside the city limits.

Star of LifeThe departments shared their manpower, stations and some equipment until September 1, 2015 which is when the two departments separated. At that time the City of
Bardstown Fire Department deployed a full time, around the clock engine with a four man crew. This would be the first time in the history of the City of Bardstown that the citizens would have 24/7 fire protection with response times less than two minutes. Also on this date, the Bardstown Fire Department with trained EMTs on staff, started responding to emergency medical calls within the city limits. This action has allowed the fire department to better serve the citizens by being able to provide lifesaving care prior to EMS arrival.  In September 2021, the Bardstown Fire Department opened it's second station on East John Rowan Blvd which became our headquarters and our Station 1.  We currently respond a quint with two personnel and an engine with two personnel from our Station 1 and we respond an engine with 3 personnel from our Station 2 located at City Hall on 5th St.  Our last ISO rating was conducted in 2018 and we were evaluated at an ISO score of 3.  

No matter where your emergency occurs you can be assured there will be professional, well trained firefighters responding to help you in your time of need. We take great pride in what we do to protect and serve the citizens of Bardstown.

Largest fire to occur in Bardstown, the 1996 Heaven Hill Bourbon Warehouses fire.