Public Works Department


Public Works

The City of Bardstown's Public Works Department incorporates all the City-owned Water and Sewer Utilities, Sanitation (Garbage Pickup), maintenance of all City Streets and Storm Drains, and the 12-acre City Cemetery.

The Solid Waste Crew runs on scheduled routes to pick up garbage and yard waste (such as leaves and limbs) from residences and businesses. They also deliver dumpsters to new customers.

The Street Crew is responsible for keeping all streets clean and free of snow and ice. This group also installs and repairs street signs.

The Cemetery Crew removes unwanted tree limbs and keeps the cemetery clean. It is also responsible for the opening and closing of graves and general maintenance of the cemetery.

In addition, the Public Works Department maintains the City's vehicles, trucks and heavy equipment. The department also answers citizens' complaints about any of these areas.

Craig Downs, Superintendent of Public Works, assists in planning, organizing, directing, coordinating and evaluating the construction, operation, maintenance and cleanliness of the Water Distribution, Wastewater Collection, Garbage, Street and Cemetery Divisions. He ensures regulatory compliance standards are being met and/or addressed. Craig may be contacted through email at