Public Works Department


Street Department

Bardstown Public Works maintains a street crew responsible for keeping the City streets  clean and free of snow and ice. Public Works is also responsible for repairing pot holes, making street repairs, curb and gutter repair, culvert replacement, and painting of curbs.   This group also installs and maintains street signs.


Barton Road Repairs by Bardstown Public Work (2017) 

Street Entrances aND ENCROACHMENTS

For any resident or commercial property owner wishing to install a new entrance or make changes to their existing entrance a Land Disturbance Permit is needed.

Design standards for new streets

The City has its own specifications and guidelines for the design and construction of streets which can be found here.  The purpose is to establish minimum pavement sections based on street classification and usage so that streets meet a 15-year design life for resurfacing schedules.  Where the City's specifications are silent, engineer's and developers should follow the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's (KYTC) Standard Specifications for Road and Bridge Construction.

Alternate pavement designs may be used provided they are submitted for approval by a licensed engineer with an accompanying geotechnical report.  Alternate designs shall be done in accordance with KYTC's Pavement Design Guide (latest revision).

Refer to the Subdivision Regulations for Bardstown and Nelson County for other requirements.


Before the City will release performance bonds for street construction or take over maintenance of new certain guidelines must be met.  Click here for more information.  If repairs to the street are needed, the repair must be done in accordance with the Road Failure Repair Detail.

Street Signs

The City Public Works Department maintains City street signage.  Only signs that meet the guidelines of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTC) are installed.  This includes street name signs, stop signs, no parking, etc.  The City doesn't not maintain signage on State or Federal Roads.

In an effort to aid emergency service responders by being compliant with the Kentucky Commercial Mobile Radio Service Board (CMRS), the City of Bardstown will provide and install the initial street signage for named private streets within our corporate limits.  Any private road sign that is damaged or missing shall be replaced by the property owner(s) living off the private road. The sign shall meet standards within the Federal Highway Administration’s Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices latest revision and meet minimum Retroreflectivity requirements. The sign will match color, size, and style of existing public street signs with a BLUE background and WHITE lettering. The initials PVT will appear in the right corner of the sign on private streets to indicate the street is private.

Private Sign Example 

Private streets, alleys, or ways are to be maintained by private property owners. These streets are not public and therefore not on the City’s Public Street Maintenance list. This means private streets are not plowed for snow, resurfaced, edges mowed, or potholes repaired by the City of Bardstown.