Garbage and Recycling


Why Recycle?

After they’ve been cleaned and sorted, your recycled cardboard and newspaper moves on to become new boxes, paper, tissues, paper towels, toilet paper, diapers, egg cartons, and napkins.

  • Recycled plastic #1 is used to make new products such as carpets, fiberfill (insulating material in jackets and sleeping bags), bottles, containers, auto parts, and paintbrushes
  • Plastic #2 can be made into trash cans, bathroom stalls, plastic lumber, toys, trash bags, and hair combs.
  • Recycled aluminum cans are made into new cans in as little as 90 days after they are collected. They can also be used for aluminum building materials.
The last step of recycling
The last step of the recycling process involves purchasing recycled products. The value of recyclables is driven by market demand. As consumers, we must choose products with recycled content and packaging. When consumers purchase products that have been made with post-consumer material, the recycling process has been completed.

Please recycle
Please take the time to learn more about recycling. Spread the word, and encourage others to recycle as much as possible. Does your family recycle? It is never too late to start conserving our precious resources.

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