Wastewater Department

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Industrial Users

Industrial users proposing to connect to the City's sewer system shall obtain an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit before making any connection or contribution to the sewer system.  An Industrial Users Permit Application must be filled out and submitted to the City before the Permit may be obtained.  The City Engineer will review the application and upon approval, the Permit will be issued.

New users should submit applications at least 90 days prior to connecting to the City's sewer system.  Existing permit holders should re-apply at least 60 days before to the expiration of their permit.

The City has recently amended it's Waste Water Ordinance in regard to following:

  • Maximum Daily Concentrations Permitted to be discharged
  • High Volume Industrial users whose discharges are not equal to their potable water use.
  • Wastewater loading surcharge Rates
The full revisions can be viewed here.