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About the Bardstown Historic District

Historic Downtown Bardtown
 Photograph courtesy of Dixie Hibbs

Bardstown was one of the first cities in the nation and the first in Kentucky to adopt Historic zoning and preservation guidelines. A major part of our charm and economic opportunities come from maintaining our history. We receive funding to promote preservation activities in our community through federal and state grants. This is made possible because in 1986 we became a Certified Local Government (CLG). CLGs apply for matching grants yearly for projects pertaining to historic preservation. In order for Bardstown to participate in the program, the City created and adopted a historic preservation ordinance (Historic Overlay Zoning and Historical Review Board). 

HISTORIC Downtown Bardstown
 Photograph courtesy of Dixie Hibbs

Our rules and guidelines are formed from federal and state preservation standards. These regulations coincide with the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Historic Preservation. 

*** Please note as stated above the Bardstown Historic Review Board guidelines are state and federal regulations the city must follow.