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RaShae Jennings

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Owning Property in the Historic District

If you rent or own property in Bardstown’s historic district, you must receive permission from the Bardstown Historic Review Board (HRB) before any exterior alteration work can be made to your property. This is to ensure that any work that affects the appearance of the home is consistent with the time period and architectural style of the structure, and that the changes coincide with the state and federal guidelines the city must follow. The preservation coordinator cannot approve changes to your property. The HRB must vote to approve all exterior changes. Interior alterations do not need to be approved by the HRB.

Getting an alteration approved is a multi-step process. The HRB and preservation coordinator want to help make this process as easy as possible.

Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Checklist
Use this checklist as a guide to ensure you have everything you need to apply for exterior changes to your structure:

  1. Have an idea of the kind of repairs or improvements you would like to make.

  2. Make an appointment with the preservation coordinator by calling (502) 348-5947 ext.2243 or emailing rjennings@bardstowncable.net. This is optional but highly recommended. The preservation coordinator can go over your specific property and give advice on what kind of repairs would be approved and what won’t be. You can also read our detailed Historic Design Guidelines for specific examples of appropriate and inappropriate repairs depending on the style of structure.

  3. Once you know what repairs or changes you would like to make, you will be required to submit details of the project to the HRB. A checklist of those requirements are listed here.

  4. Submit the Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) Application for the changes you would like to make to your property, along with supporting documents, and the application fee to the preservation coordinator either in person or by emailing rjennings@bardstowncable.net. Fees can be paid by check made out to the City of Bardstown. Please check with the preservation coordinator before you submit payment to ensure your application fee is correct.

  5. The deadline for the application is the first Tuesday of every month. The third Tuesday of the month will be the HRB meeting date and the fourth Tuesday will be the City Council meeting.

  6. Receive a confirmation email from the preservation coordinator and a notification of the date of the HRB meeting you’ll be required to attend.

  7. If approved by the HRB, the City Council will consider your application at their regular session on following Tuesday. You are not required to be at this meeting. The City Council must approve all work to structures in the historic district. If the Council approves your changes, you will recieve a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) in the mail. Once you receive your COA you may begin work.

Tools for historic district property owners