Request Open Records


City Clerk

phone (502) 348-5947 ext. 2206

Request Open Records

Subject to certain exemptions, records that are prepared, owned, used, possessed, or retained by a public agency are public records and will be made available to the public on request.

How Do I Request OPEN Records?

  1. Print and fill out the Request for Open Records form

  2. Submit the form to the City Clerk by either:

    • Dropping off the form at City Hall (220 N 5th St., Bardstown, KY 40004)

    • Mailing the form to City Hall, C/O City Clerk (220 N 5th St., Bardstown KY 40004)

    • Scanning the completed and signed form and attaching it in an email to

We will respond to your request within five business days, excluding weekends and holidays.

Tips for Filing the Open Records Request Form:
  • Fill out the entire form, including name, date, address, phone number, description of the record, and signature. Be sure your handwriting is easily readable.
  • Avoid phrasing the “description of records” as a question, but rather, reference the specific record you’re looking for. For example, “how much are the city’s employees paid?” will be denied, but “please produce copies of the city’s payroll records” will be honored unless the requested records are exempt.
  • When applicable, provide a date range. Many departments retain records that go back for decades. You’re more likely to receive the information you’re looking for if you can narrow down the time period the record was produced or used.
  • For emailed requests, scan and attach a completed and signed Request for Open Records form.


Records will be available for pickup or viewing at City Hall or, if requested, copies can be mailed. There is a fee of 10 cents per page, $1.65 per CD-rom, and $9.00 or the most current cost of a memory stick if you choose to pick up or have records mailed. There is no charge to view public records during regular office hours (M-F 8am - 4:30pm) within City Hall. 

If your request for records is denied, we will include a statement of the exception which authorizes the city to withhold the record, and a brief explanation of how the exception applies to the record withheld.

More About Public Records:
In 1976, the General Assembly enacted the Open Records Act, KRS 61.870 to KRS 61.884, which establishes a right of access to public records. The General Assembly recognized that the free and open examination of public records is in the public interest.

Public Records include those records maintained by state and local governments, county and city governing bodies, school district boards, special district boards, municipal corporations, and others.