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Campus Master Sign Plan

Who Can Use a Campus Master Sign Plan?
Campus Master Sign Plan (CMSP) applications are only for businesses situated on fifty (50) or more acres of land, comprised of two (2) or more buildings for separate but related commercial purposes, and zoned I2 according to the Joint City-County Planning Commission zoning map.

What is a Campus Master Sign Plan?
A Campus Master Sign Plan consists of the CMSP application, and a document which lists and illustrates all proposed signs and sign locations for the entire campus development. Both of these documents must be submitted to the City Sign Administrator and this will go to the Bardstown City Council for final approval.

How Will It Be Evaluated?
The CMSP will be evaluated to determine the smallest number and size of signs to be placed to direct the public around the Campus.

Contact City Sign Administrator Greg Ashworth
Email:    Phone: 502-348-5947     Ext # 2223

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CMSP Application Instructions