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Construction Runoff

When water from rain, snow, or sleet fl­ows over the ground, it becomes “stormwater.” When stormwater fl­ows through a construction site, it can pick up sediment, oil, and chemicals and carry them downstream to local water bodies. That’s why it’s important for construction sites to protect the community by putting up special fences, barriers, and truck pads to prevent pollution in our rivers, lakes, and streams.

The mud stops hereConstruction entrances should have a pad that keeps mud o the street. Muddy tracks coming out of a site could mean chemicals, dust, and debris will be washed into the storm drain the next time it rains.

Good fences make clean neighborsA fence or other barrier should be installed that keeps soil and construction debris from washing downstream from the site when it rains, especially sites on a slope or those with dirt piles.

protect the pipesAll storm drains near a construction site should have a protective barrier around them to prevent debris and muddy water from entering storm sewer pipes.

Something look wrong? Call!If you see muddy water, chemicals, dirt, or any water that seems polluted ­owing from a construction site in your neighborhood, call Bardstown City Hall to report it at 502-348-5947 or use the illicit discharge reporting form.