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Bardstown Stormwater

Changes to Land Disturbance PermitStormwaterLogo

Effective March 12, 2018 the City is introducing a revised Land Disturbance Permit and Fee Schedule to help better cover the cost of the City’s Stormwater program.

If you are building a house, extension, entrance off a city street or other small development check out our Residents and Home Builders Link for more information.

If you are an Engineer or Developer involved in the construction of a larger Commercial, Industrial or Subdivision development, please review the information on our Commercial, Industrial and Subdivision Developments page.

What is an MS4?

A Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) consists of ditches, culverts, curb drains and any constructed conveyance that collects stormwater and discharges it to natural water ways (creeks, rivers, lakes or wetlands).

As part of the Kentucky Division of Water Phase II Regulations, The City of Bardstown is required to apply for a Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) Permit. Under this 5 year permit the City is mandated to improve water quality from our storm system or MS4.

The MS4 program consists of several requirements, referred to as the six minimum control measures (MCM’s) as follows:

Bardstown’s Engineering Department is tasked with protecting water quality and managing stormwater issues in our community. To learn more about what the City is doing to meet these requirements check out the links in side navigation pannel or check out the current Stormwater Quality Management Plan (SQMP) document here.