Annual Report Released

This week, we released our first-ever annual report as part of an initiative to increase transparency and citizen engagement. The document includes photos and infographics, as well as write-ups on projects, news, and accomplishments. It summarizes the City’s work during their fiscal year from July 1st 2018 – June 30th 2019.
Marketing & Communications Specialist Hannah Bowman said “We hope each and every person in Bardstown will take some time to see what the City has been working on this past year. Transparency is so important in government. The best government is one where people stay involved and informed.”

Recent City budgets, financial reports, and City Council meeting minutes are available for anyone to review on the our website. And all records (excluding those pertaining to open investigations) are available from the City Clerk’s office by request.

Bowman added that “We created the annual report for people who want to know what the City has been working on this past year, but don’t necessarily have hours to spend looking through the City’s website.” The “transparency initiative” also includes improving access to local ordinances online, conducting citizen surveys on relevant issues, and introducing chat support to the City’s website to help citizens quickly find the information they are looking for.