Catherine Hils Wins City Government Month Essay Contest

Catherine HilsCongratulations to St. Joe 4th grader Catherine Hils for winning the City Government Month Essay Contest. Catherine's essay was chosen out of 62 submitted essays as the winner. She attended yesterday's City Council meeting to read her essay aloud and received a standing ovation from the mayor, council members, and audience members. She was presented with a trophy for her achievement.

Catherine's Essay: 

Being a Good Community Citizen 
By Catherine Hils

Being a good community citizen consists of many things. Some, like not littering, are small deeds, but others are bigger. These include voting and participating in town gatherings. A good citizen is also expected to follow community laws. In this essay, you will read about all of this, so you can become a better community citizen.

Some people think that their single vote doesn't matter, but it really does! If YOU decide that your vote counts, then it will add up. Many men and women fought for us to be able to vote, so you should accept that privilege and participate in elections. 

Participating in town gatherings builds trust between you and your fellow citizens, gives you an opportunity to state your opinion, and keeps you updated about what is going on in your community. It also gives officials an insight on the public's view of community issues. 

Another way you can help out in your community is by not littering. This keeps all the land, water, and air clean. Many animals are attracted to areas with litter. They find dirty and old food in that litter, and they then pick up the germs from it, leading to diseases that can make humans very sick. You can also help form community clubs that clean parks by picking up trash and putting up "no littering" signs on community property to keep them peaceful and nice to be in. Your community is your home, and, like your house, you must keep it clean and nourished. 

One of the most important things you can do to be a good community citizen is to support and respect all officials, first responders, all community council members, and most of all, your peers. All of this builds trust and friendships. 

Here are some basic responsibilities of a good community member:

  • *Stay informed of community issues
  • Participate in your community
  • Respect all local laws
  • Vote

If you do all these things you have just read about, you will surely be an excellent community citizen!

Congratulations, Catherine!

Photo by Jim Brooks, Nelson County Gazette. 
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