Executive Order Allowing Bardstown Businesses Two Additional Temporary Signs

On Wednesday, March 18th 2020, Mayor Heaton signed an executive order allowing businesses within the City limits of Bardstown to display two (2) additional temporary signs.

Rules and Regulations for Businesses Wishing to Add Temporary Signage:

  1. Each business may have two additional temporary signs. This includes building signs, banners, and sandwich boards.
  2. Fees for temporary signage due to the COVID-19 outbreak are waved until further notice.
  3. The signs must not be in the public right-of-way.
  4. The signs must not exceed 7 feet in height. No flag signs are permitted.
  5. The maximum sign size is 18 square feet for all temporary signs. This is 18 square feet per sign face if it is a two-sided sign.
  6. For sandwich boards, the maximum sign is 4 feet in height and 16 square feet per the face of the board.
  7. In the Historic District, all sandwich boards must be located next to the entrance of the business that it is advertising, not in the middle of the sidewalk or located at the corner of any sidewalk. The signs must be allocated adjacent to the building as to not impede any pedestrian traffic or to interfere with the right-of-way on public sidewalks. Outside the Historic District, all signs must not be in the right-of-way or on public sidewalks.
  8. Businesses in the Historic District are allowed to keep their previously-approved sandwich boards after protocol is lifted if they have been approved by the HRB Board of Directors. All other businesses outside the Historic District will have to remove their temporary signage once normal protocol is reinstated. Businesses outside the Historic District must have an approved permit for temporary signs, banners, and/or temporary sandwich boards that is in compliance with the City of Bardstown sign regulations once this wavier is lifted. 
  9. All signs must be removed within 1 week after normal protocol is reinstated.

This policy will remain in effect until either another executive order is issued removing it, or it is determined that a state of emergency no longer exists, and the additional signage is no longer necessary to support and assist local businesses during this pandemic.

Full Text of the Executive Order

Mayor Heaton addresses this Executive Order at 1:48 of this video.