Internet Install Fees Waived for Eligible Customers

On Wednesday, April 29th, the Bardstown City Council voted to approve a new ordinance which creates a Lifeline Cable Modem Internet Service available to households that qualify for NSLP (National School Lunch Program) or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), and seniors 65 or older.
Beginning May 1st, t
he City of Bardstown would like to provide affordable internet access to eligible customers by waiving installation fees of up to $135.00 for new subscribers eligible for Lifeline Cable Modem Internet Service for the dates of May 1st - July 30th.

The full text of the executive order reads:

City of Bardstown
220 N. Fifth Street
Bardstown, KY 40004
April 30, 2020

WHEREAS: the Mayor declared that a State of Emergency exists in the City of Bardstown for the period beginning March 16, 2020 and continuing, due to the COVID-l9 Pandemic; and

WHEREAS: on April 29, 2020, the City Council of the City of Bardstown voted to approve Ordinance B2020-07 which creates a new Lifeline Cable Modem Internet Service available to households that quali for NSLP (National School Lunch Program) or SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), seniors 65 or older, or other eligible criteria as may be determined by the City Council; and

WHEREAS: the City of Bardstown recognizes the need for Internet Service in every home during this unprecedented time of extended Non-Traditional Instruction that encourages the continuation of academic instruction at home; and

WHEREAS: the City of Bardstown would like to provide affordable internet access to eligible customers by waiving installation fees of up to $135.00 for new subscribers eligible for Lifeline Cable Modem Internet Service during these challenging economic times.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, J. Richard Heaton, Mayor of Bardstown, Kentucky, by the authority vested in me by K.R.S. Chapter 39A do hereby declare that installation fees for new customers eligible for the City of Bardstown’s Lifeline Cable Modem Internet Service are waived up to a limit of $135.00 per installation for the period beginning May 1, 2020, and continuing for ninety days thereafter.

Signed this 30th day of April, 2020
J. Richard Heaton, Mayor