Thanks for Masking Up, Nelson County!

City and County Combine Efforts to Create Message

Starting Sunday, Aug 16th, Nelson County citizens who turn on their TV or radio, or scan through a local news source will see a special message from their fellow Nelson Countians. “Thanks for Masking Up” is a new media campaign designed to bring attention and recognition to the people who have been diligent in protecting their community and prioritizing safety and public health by wearing a mask during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Regarding the new campaign, Mayor Dick Heaton’s message is simple: “You can make a difference. Mask Up.” Nelson County Judge Executive Dean Watts urged social distancing as well, saying “social distancing can help us keep our economy open, don’t let your guard down.”

The campaign, which includes a television commercial, a series of print ads, radio spots, and digital advertising, features real Nelson Countians for whom wearing a mask makes a difference every day. Manager of Surgical Services at Flaget Memorial Hospital Denise Findley is featured in the campaign thanking others on behalf of healthcare workers. Also appearing are Making Good Scentz Owner Steve Stivers representing local small businesses, and Bloomfield Middle 6th grader Angelica Thomas representing the school systems.

Marketing and Communications Specialist for the City of Bardstown Hannah Bowman, who produced the campaign, said “we just thought it was so important to showcase Nelson Countians lifting up and supporting their friends and neighbors. This time has been difficult to say the least for all of us. If there is some positivity out there in the world, we want to highlight and celebrate that.”

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