What Do You Think About Parking Downtown? Help Us Improve By Taking A Short Survey

Take our 5-minute survey now: https://arcg.is/uye99


We're currently conducting a study to evaluate public parking and curb use within the downtown Bardstown area. We're consulting with WGI, an engineering company focused on public infrastructure, to facilitate the study. The study aims to enhance the City’s parking management strategies in an effort to balance the supply and demand of parking in the downtown area.

As part of the study, the City has created a survey which asks downtown residents, employees, and visitors for opinions on parking conditions and accessibility. The survey contains 24 questions and should take 5 minutes to complete. It provides the opportunity for the community to give feedback on:

  • Off-street parking lots
  • On-street parking
  • Pedestrian space and safety
  • Loading zones for delivery vehicles


This survey, along with planned meetings with business owners scheduled for later this year, aims to engage the public and key downtown stakeholders and develop a comprehensive report with recommendations for improving access to and utilization of the City’s parking facilities.

 Please help us out! 

Take the survey: https://arcg.is/uye99

Last Day to Fill Out: July 31st, 2021

Survey Available at: https://arcg.is/uye99 or at www.cityofbardstown.org