Here's How To Prepare for An Ice Storm in Bardstown

Preparing for Ice Infographic

Park In Your Driveway

If you must park in the street, please park on one side only with neighbors so salt and plow trucks can get through. (Especially on narrow streets like N. 1st., N. 4th., and O'Finn Ct., etc.)

Report Damage (Not Outages)

  • With our advanced electric meters, we are aware of electric outages the moment they occur.
  • Please don't call unless you have specific information about damage (such as a downed power line, arcing/sparking lines or equipment, or a “bang” of a blown transformer fuse.) Report damage to: 502-348-5947
  • Instead, check our outage map or the City of Bardstown - Electric Department Facebook page for updates on known outages. 
Please Be Patient

  • While the ice storm is impacting our system, our electric crews will only respond to immediate emergencies such as a downed line in the road or on a structure or vehicle.
  • We will not be able to quickly repair problems due to the precipitation continuing to fall and cause further issues and damage to the system.
  • Once the precipitation ceases, we will then be able to troubleshoot and make repairs.  
Service Line Damage

If individual service lines are damaged, and this causes damage to any part of a customer’s electric service on their residence (such as the meter base, conduit riser out of meter base, or the attachment point of the electric lines on the residence) it is the responsibility of the owner to make repairs to these first before the electric crew will repair and/or reconnect the service lines.