Mosquitoes driving you batty?

Summer is over, and nothing ruins your fall bonfire more than constantly swatting mosquitoes
The City has a mosquito fogging program that operates throughout the summer, but these measures can only go so far in controlling the exploding mosquito population. When using fog, it is only possible to target adult mosquitos who fly directly through the mist. There are A LOT of mosquitoes hiding under leaves or other crannies when the City’s fogging truck comes by. But one of the most effective and environmentally-friendly ways to cut down on mosquitoes in your yard and neighborhood will cost you only $10 - $30. Bats are one of the most misunderstood animals native to Kentucky. While Halloween is right around the corner, bats are nothing to be afraid of.

Bat eating a mosquito

fast facts
Did you know that bats in Kentucky DO NOT:

  • Attack humans or pets

  • Drink blood (vampire bats don’t live in the United States.)

  • Typically have rabies

  • Belong to the rodent family (they’re actually more closely related to humans than to rodents!)

But they DO:

  • Eat up to 3,000 mosquitoes per night

  • Help maintain healthy ecosystems

  • Pollinate fruit and other produce (including crops common in Nelson County, like corn.)

Bat HouseBat houses
Purchasing a simple wooden bat house and erecting it in your backyard may keep you mosquito-free for the whole season. While you’re at it, make sure to shop local! Several local farming stores in Bardstown carry bat houses, and at pretty reasonable prices. Better yet, kill two mosquitoes with one stone and make this a learning opportunity for your kids. There are many DIY bat house tutorials available online and building one together is a great way to introduce kids to woodworking, spend some time outside, and teach kids about the importance of bats. Bonus: Less mosquitoes!

More resources
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