Garbage and Recycling


City Hall

phone 502-348-5947

Bulky Item and Tree Limb Collection

The City offers free year-round tree limb and bulky item collection to all residents within the city limits.

How it works

  1. Place your tree limbs or bulky items curbside.
  2. Call City Hall at (502) 348-5947 and speak to a customer service representative to place a free pickup. Please provide your name, address, phone number, and item for pickup.
  3. It may take up to 10 business days for removal.

Keep the following in mind when preparing your pile for pickup:

  • Place your tree limbs or bulky items curbside in one neat pile, out from under trees and overhead wires so our equipment can reach it without being dangerous to the operator.
  • Items should be kept away from mailboxes, hydrants, cars and fences to avoid damaging them.
  • Tree limbs or bulky item piles cannot exceed four (4) cubic yards (approximately the size of a pickup truck load).
  • Any garbage that contains hazardous materials or items that pose a safety or health risk to City workers will not be picked up.
  • Items will not be picked up from alleyways less than 10 feet wide.

Prohibited bulky Items:

  • Liquid Waste – poisons, acids, explosives
  • Paints
  • Petroleum Products (oil, grease, gasoline, etc.)
  • Tires or Car Parts
  • Small loose items not bundled 
  • Hazardous Waste – syringes, used needles
  • Construction Waste – drywall, used lumber, rolls of carpet or padding, remodeling debris
  • Glass, mirrors, windows
  • Railroad ties
  • Set out/eviction items 
  • Any item prohibited by the Nelson County Landfill (502-348-1876 for more information)
*Any mattress, couch, etc. infested with bed bugs will NOT be picked up as these pose a health risk to City Workers.

Brush and Tree Limbs:

  • The City's equipment is not designed to handle limbs over 6” diameter or over 10 foot in length.
  • Limbs must be neatly stacked in one pile with ends facing the street
  • No root balls, tree trunks, grass, dirt 
  • No vines, honeysuckle vines, loose leaves
  • No firewood, boards, fence posts, or other debris
  • The City WILL NOT pick-up limbs professionally cut

Such refuse shall be placed no closer to the street than the property owner's side of any street ditch or gutter. This service is for occasional residential use. The removal of trees, logs, or refuse resulting from attempts to clear large sections of land are not the intended purpose of this service.

Please also note there are times of the year when the volume of limbs and brush are heavier, such as early spring, and following heavy wind storms. This can create a backlog for the chipper truck. During these times, there may be a delay of service.