Garbage and Recycling


Commercial Dumpster Service

The flat fee for a small commercial, institutional or industrial facilities utilizing 3 cans or less in their weekly curbside pickup (No Dumpster) is  charged at $20.37 Monthly.

For  commercial, institutional, and industrial customers that require a dumpster collection service, please refer to the table below for the Monthly Rates based on size and pickup frequency:

Additional Pickups are charged at the individual weekly rate calculated from the above table. Please Call City Hall 348-5947. Note that Dumpster collection service hours are typically early in the morning and finish around noon, therefore it may not be possible to respond to requests received in the afternoon until the morning of the next day.

For collection from multiple housing or multi-unit commercial facilities, in addition to the per-dwelling unit (or class II) fees established above, the owner may provide a dumpster for use by the occupants of the facility at the following dumpster rental fee rates:

2 yard dumpster $12.75
3 yard dumpster $13.25
4 yard dumpster $15.75
6 yard dumpster $20.50
8 yard dumpster $26.25

For more detailed sizing and specifications for the Dumpsters we provide please refer to the following information brochure.