Code Enforcement


Jesse Wheat

phone (502) 348-5947 ext. 2205

Code Enforcement

Report a Code Violation:
The people of Bardstown are the City’s best ally when it comes to ensuring the safety and welfare of its citizens. If you notice a code violation, please bring it to our attention by calling our code enforcement officer, Jesse Wheat at 
(502) 348-5947 ext. 2205.

Before reporting the violation, be sure to note the exact street address where the violation occurred.

Code Enforcement Board Meetings:
Code Enforcement Board meetings are held the 1st Thursday every other month (February, April, June, August, October, December) at 5:00pm. Meetings are held in the City Council chambers located at 116 Xavier Drive.

Code Enforcement Board Members:
Ann Rosalie Ballard
Jim Dittmeier
Scott Frink
Theresa Maddox
Margaret Sims, Chair

Code Enforcement Violations