Bardstown Cable TV & Internet is now Bardstown Connect

On Monday, Oct 5th, the City of Bardstown will officially launch a new name and branding for its municipal cable TV and internet service. The new name – Bardstown Connect – emphasizes the department’s ultimate service goal of connecting people — for work, for entertainment, and for school. Chief Systems Engineer Nahom Ayele said the new name and logo have been a long time coming. “As technology evolves, the physical hardware of TV and internet changes. We offer more than the traditional cable TV experience, since you can watch your game on your phone, you can download our app and watch your local channels while you are on vacation, and you can connect to coworkers and classmates online.”

New Website
Bardstown Connect, formerly Bardstown Cable TV & Internet, will also launch a new website ( on Monday. The site promises to be more intuitive to use and navigate than the old site, especially for mobile device users.

New Branding
Bardstown Connect branding ties Bardstown’s bourbon heritage to modern technology. The logo emblem features a bourbon barrel design in the style of a circuit board and new brand colors of orange, red, and blue.

Bardstown Connect

Your service stays the same
Customers will experience no change in their service or overall experience as a result of the new branding and will still pay their bill to the City of Bardstown. Those who have email addresses ending with will keep their email address. Any new customers will be provided an email address ending with

Thanks for your patience
We realize this will be a bit of a transition for some of our customers and some people may not be ready for a change. However, in the long run we believe Bardstown Connect is a better representation of what we stand for and we hope that our customers will be patient and understanding during the transition. At the end of the day, the service we provide is more important than what name we go by and we hope our 36 years of being this community’s low-cost provider will speak to that.

If you have any questions or concerns about your service or our new brand, please give us a call at (502) 348-5947. 

Announcement Flyer:

1Bardstown Connect Flyer