When Will the Leaf Truck Be In My Area?

Did you know you can use our leaf pickup map to estimate when the truck will be in your area?

Leaf Pickup Map (Updated daily)
The Public Works Department divides the City up into 10 Zones, crews will operate in on a rotating schedule, starting with Zone 1, then moving to Zone 2, then Zone 3, etc. When we reach Zone 10, we will restart at Zone 1 again. The area our crews are actively working in are highlighted in Yellow.

Where to Rake Your Leaves
Please ensure leaf piles are clear of any debris including tree limbs, rocks, household trash, these items can injure personnel, or damage the leaf machines which delays the pickup schedule. Please use the image below as a guide for how to arrange leaf piles for collection. Do not rake or blow leaves onto the street, in the gutter-line, on the sidewalks, around parked cars or fire hydrants.


When is Leaf Season?
The leaf truck runs ONLY during the fall (Typically November - December). No leaves will be picked up outside of leaf season.  Any small piles of yard waste such as leaves, vines, small clippings, etc., that can be bagged in yard waste bags may be set out with the weekly garbage and picked up by the garbage crews. Alternatively, residents can find other ways to dispose of them e.g. composting or mulching.

Limb and Bulky Item Pickup in November & December
 City Bulky Item and Tree Limb Pickup services will be limited during the leaf season. Please consider waiting until after the Leaf pickup season before requesting these services.